Indexer Status Gadget

This gadget displays status information for the Windows Search indexer.  It also allows you to pause and resume the indexer as well as quickly access the Indexing Options control panel.

If you have installed the Windows Search 4 update for Vista you can also enable “Index Now” functionality.

Version 1.2 uploaded 10/5/2008 3:50PM PST 

  • Fixed bug that caused the play / fast-forward buttons to not update immediatley after changing indexing speed.
  • The last update inadvertently doubled the download size of the gadget.  This has been fixed.

Version 1.1.1 uploaded 4/12/2008 11:51AM PST

  • This version fixes compatibility with non-English systems
  • It also fixes the bug where the pause / play / index now buttons do not work if you installed yesterday’s version of the gadget.
  • Improved the accuracy of the back-off indicator if the user clicks “cancel” to the UAC dialog.